Nightshelter needs YOU!

Here at St Luke’s, one of our biggest projects each year is our part in the Islington Churches Cold Weather Shelter. From January to March (the coldest three months of the year), we open our doors each Saturday to offer a bed and meals to homeless people (six other churches in the area cover the rest of the week). As well as food, shower facilities and a safe, comfortable place to sleep, we also offer recreational activities and other services.

Each year, the Islington Nightshelter hosts around 90 guests, and thousands of hours of volunteer time go into making it run smoothly. Without the help of so many members and friends of St Luke’s, the project wouldn’t be possible.

We’re now preparing for Nightshelter 2017, and we need lots of volunteers to make it happen. We’re looking for people to cover evening, night and morning shifts (serving food and making guests feel comfortable and supported). We also need volunteers to buy and prepare food (costs can be reimbursed), do laundry and other essential tasks.

If you’d like to help some of the most vulnerable people in our area, please speak to Stef Cagnoni or Dan Northam Jones, or email There will be a short training session on Sunday 4 December at 1pm, directly after the morning service (but you can still volunteer if you miss the session).

Thank you – we couldn’t do it without you.