Who’s Who

Our Vicar is the Revd Dave Tomlinson. He is known beyond St Luke’s as a writer and speaker (he is the author of a number of books, including The Post-evangelical, Running into God and Re-enchanting Christianity).

Dave says: “I think I’ve the best job in the world! I’ve been the vicar of St Luke’s since 2000, and I’m more enthusiastic about the job now than the day I first took it on. St Luke’s is a glorious mishmash of people – young and old, men and women, black and white, gay and straight – who have found in this place somewhere to belong, somewhere to make friends, somewhere to grow personally and spiritually, somewhere to laugh and weep together, somewhere to explore the mystery we call God. We are a church that tries to combine the rich and broad tradition of Christianity with insights and understandings from the present, and this is reflected in our theology and worship. ”

Dave (and the church) is actually run by Pat Tomlinson, who is both Dave’s wife and St Luke’s administrator.

Also included in the leadership team is:

The Revd Martin Wroe, Associate Vicar, who is also a full-time freelance writer

Church Administrator, Pat Tomlinson

Assistant Administrator, Lucy Blair

Music Director, Justin Butcher

Assistant Music Director, Rick Leigh

Our Church Wardens are:

Dean Willars who is a co-director of an architects practice

Susie Holland who is a teacher.

PCC Lay Chair, Joy Hinson