Vox Holloway

Vox Holloway
(Latin: “the voice of Holloway”) was started in autumn  2009 as a community choral society for all – no auditions, no professions of faith required, no previous experience of choral singing required – with St Luke’s as its home, welcomed and supported by St Luke’s, but to include participants from far and wide who would not necessarily consider attending a church of any kind.

At its first concert. ‘The Messiah’ in December 2009, the choir raised £6,000 for the Umthombo Street Children project in Durban South Africa. At its second, ‘Requiem in Blue’ by Harvey Brough, performed on Palm Sunday, we raised £14,000 for the DEC Haiti appeal. Both were performed to a packed house.

Its director, Justin Butcher, Organist and  Choirmaster at St Luke’s, says:
“I think my key inspiration is my conviction that singing, perhaps more than any other art form, connects us most profoundly to the mystery of who and what we are – body, mind and spirit – at the same time as connecting us to each other. It’s a crime that so many people grow up thinking they can’t sing and miss out on something that should be both fun, creative and sociable but also a primal encounter with the Divine in the midst of life.”

Rehearsals are every Tuesday at 7.30pm at the church.

Further info: 07970 785641


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