Welcome Rota

Contact: Mike +44 (0)7714 278 865  or email:  llanilltyd26@virginmedia.com

Welcomers need to be at the church by 10.45am at the latest (unless indicated otherwise)

The job has several components:
1. To make sure everyone is greeted at the door with a warm welcome.
2. To distribute service sheets etc.
3. To help ensure as little distraction to the service from late-arrivers –
ask them to wait at the door until an appropriate point in the service then usher to free seats.
4. To encourage people to the front seats and put out additional seats as necessary.
5. To take up the collection and place the hats at the altar used for communion.


  Date Welcomer
  19-Feb Jean Willson
    Norman Willson
  26-Feb Emma Willars
    Sam Murphy
  05-Mar Rachel Blackamore
    Tara Willson
  12-Mar Sibylle Wunderlich
    Andy Harrison
  19-Mar Cat Waithaka
    Alice Meak
  26-Mar Beatrice Addo
    Iain Cathcart

Please put your dates in your diary.

If you can’t make a date allocated, please contact someone else before hand and arrange a swap or contact Mike on the Wednesday before at the latest.

It would be helpful if you could tell Mike when a swap has been  made so that the rota can be amended.

Many Thanks.


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