What on earth is a PCC?

The Parochial Church Council (or PCC for short) is the group of people responsible for making strategic decisions and managing the affairs of the church. We elect members each year at the Annual Parish Meeting, normally held in April. Anyone on the electoral roll of the church can nominate PCC members, or be nominated. There are also co-opted members.

Present PCC

  • Martin Wroe – Associate Vicar

Elected members

  • Joy Hinson – Lay Chair

  • Meg Warner – Deanery Synod Rep

  • Susie Holland – Church Warden

  • Dean Willars – Church Warden

  • Iain Cathcart

  • Jacqui Christian

  • Dave Mellows

  • Sian Puttock

  • Sarah Rowe

  • Rosie Sheldon

  • Jif Thompson

  • Denise Ward

Co-opted members

  • Justin Butcher – Musical Director

  • Sheena Cruse – Safeguarding

  • Mike Dark – Treasurer and Deanery Synod Rep

  • Tina Cooney – Administrator