What's next for St Luke’s FAQs

When is Dave’s last service?
Sunday, July 29th will be the last service that Dave and Pat are with us.

Why are Dave and Pat leaving us?
The Church of England has a strict policy of insisting that all vicars retire at age seventy.

Will we be celebrating Dave and Pat’s eighteen years (plus) time at St Luke’s?
Yes, there is an all age party taking place at St Luke’s on the evening of Friday 6th July which will also be Dave and Pat’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration. 
Get tickets here: www.eventbrite.co.uk

Who will be our vicar after July 29th?
Over the next 6-9 months we will embrace the church of England process of recruiting a new vicar. 
This is called an interregnum or vacancy.
We have planned for a variety of speakers coming to St Luke’s who will be delivering talks loosely themed on introducing us to characters from the bible. 
The Eucharist will also be celebrated every week with a variety of visiting clergy and our own Richard Burridge and Martin Wroe. 
Weddings and funerals will be arranged through the diocese and we also have access to pastoral care through the archdeacon.

Who’s keeping the show on the road during the interregnum?
The PCC appointed a small steering group to help lead St Luke’s in the period when we have no vicar. 
The Vacancy Steering Group meets every couple of weeks to follow through on PCC decisions and help manage any day-to-day issues which arise. 
This group also helps inform/respond to the work of the new Parish Administrator.  
The members are made up of Joy Hinson,  Lay PCC Chair, Susie Holland and Dean Willars the two church wardens, Martin Wroe, Associate Vicar and two PCC members Jif Thomson and Sarah Rowe.

Who is doing church admin once Pat leaves?
Tina Cooney started work a month ago learning the ropes.
You can find her through the door just beside the organ working with Lucy Blair (booking person) in the church office.
She is in 4 mornings a week and can be telephoned on 0207 607 4892
You can email her on admin@saintlukeschurch.org.uk

How does the recruitment of a new vicar work?
The PCC and church wardens are working on a parish profile and a person spec to send out through a formal advertising process in conjunction with our patrons, the Church Pastoral Aid Society and the Bishop of Stepney. 
This process will start in September giving us time to consider assess what St Lukes is all about without Dave. 
We have a target interview date for prospective new vicars in mid January. 
If all goes well and we find the right candidate, then we could have a new vicar starting at St Luke’s next April or May. 
If the first round of interviews does not result in a suitable candidate, then the process will continue until the right person is found.

What can I do to contribute to the (recruitment) process ?
There have been and will continue to be, meetings about the parish profile and a person spec.
Right up to it’s publication date around the end of October 2018.
These are the most important documents in attracting a new vicar as they describe who we feel we are and were we think we are going.
If you have something you particularly want to draw our attention to, please do approach a member of the PCC.

What if I still have questions?
Speak to any of the PCC or church wardens for an update or clarification.

Please pray that this process runs smoothly and is fruitful.

Party to say goodbye to Dave & Pat after 18 years

Friday 6th July, 7-11pm

Ticketed only: click here for Party Tickets

All age event.

No dress code.

There will be a bread and cheese style supper and some drink provided but please also bring a bottle of something you like to drink.

If you can make a cake/little cakes, please let Susie know.

There will be Speakeasy-style entertainment.

If you would like to be in the setting up team (during the day/afternoon) or the clearing up team (at the end) please let Susie know.

Knowing Me, Knowing You (aka Dave’s Enneagram workshop)

‘Knowing Me, Knowing You: How the Enneagram can help transform you and your relationships’ is a workshop led by Our Dave (and is unrelated to Alan Partridge). There’ll be teaching from Dave and panel discussions by different enneagram types. Dave promises it’ll be “very insightful, potentially life-changing, lots of fun.”

It’s on Saturday 23rd June, 10:00-17:00. You can pay a voluntary contribution of £10 for the day, with drinks provided. Bring a packed lunch. Email Pat to reserve your place: patriciatomlinson@mac.com.

Easter at St Luke's

Maundy Thursday Supper 29th March 8pmA sit-down meal organised by Jacqui with two Syrian cooks, followed by table communion. It really helps to know numbers, so please let Pat Tomlinson (patriciatomlinson@mac.com) know if you would like to be included. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce friends to St Luke's, or to meet new friends.

Good Friday Meditations 30th March 12 noon Based on stations created by members of St Luke’s around the theme of ‘The Strong Hands of God'

Vigil of Fire & Midnight Mass Holy Saturday 31st March 11.15pm

Easter Sunday Service 1st April at 11am

Can You Help Us Run Things...

... or do you know someone who could?

We are St Luke's West Holloway, an Anglican church in north London, and we're looking for a skilled administrator to help us manage parish life. 

Working on a flexible basis, up to 20 hours a week, and based in the church office, the role involves carrying out the day to day administrative functions of the parish in partnership with clergy, churchwardens and PCC. 

The Parish Administrator is often first point of contact with local community and church members and so the successful applicant will have excellent communication skills and be comfortable multi-tasking.

If you'd like to see a detailed job description and for details of how to apply, please email Joy on joyhinsonraven@gmail.com

Closing date for applications is 11th March at 5pm.