Five things you need to know about the Grand Scheme

A special gift day season Grand Scheme is coming, and it needs you to help make it happen. But what is the Grand Scheme? I hear you cry (through the magic of the internet.)

1. It's about having fun. Different people in church organise events and if an event sounds like fun to you, you buy a ticket to go along.

2. It's also about raising money. At the moment, St Luke's is only just managing to pay its bills. During the vacancy, we've seen a drop in giving and in the next few years we need to do some serious (ie, expensive) activity to fix some of our stone work. We can only get stuff done if we raise a bit more money. That's why Grand Scheme events are ticketed; the money goes to keeping the show on the road and prevent stones falling on your head.

3. It's about building community. When people organise events, only the type of event and rough location are promoted, and that means you're more likely to make friends with someone new.

4. It's about trying something new (or doing something fun). In the past, Grand Scheme events have included film nights, guided bird watching, cream tea, fancy dress dinner parties, singalongs, dance could be anything really, so if you have a passion for something then please consider putting on an event, and if you just want to have fun then please buy tickets to other people's events.

5. Did we mention it will be fun?

This year we're running a mini Grand Scheme in the autumn and planning for something bigger in the spring, when our new vicar will be around and presumably looking for fun things to do.

If you want to organise an event, please get in touch with Susie, Sarah or Joy (you can email Sarah) and if you want to use the church space to host your event, please check availability by sending Tina an email.

(Grand Scheme events are not charged a rental fee)

Speakeasy is back: Friday 4th October

The biggest event in the St Luke's calendar (except for maybe Easter and Christmas) is back. For the uninitiated, Speakeasy is a Crispin-produced cabaret, variety and singalong event, complemented by a live band, entertainment and bar (ooh, naughty). As ever, St Luke's will be magically transformed into a stunning night club setting. It's the perfect occasion to bring your friends, family and neighbours for a night of holy revelry.

Speakeasy 12 poster FLYER 496x702 80k.jpg

Photovoltaic Blessings

In the calendar of the church year in June we enter Ordinary Time, which takes us all the way to Advent.

But what’s ordinary about 2019?

In light of the climate crisis we seem to be finally waking up to, we’re reinventing the season as 'No Ordinary Time' and hanging our Sunday mornings at St Luke’s around our fractured friendship with the good earth. The home we share with 7 billion other humanoids, billions of other created beings… and soulful seas, forests, mountains, rivers, fields.

This is how Rowan Williams, former AB Of C put it, “Fewer and fewer people now doubt the urgency of our climate crisis, and a younger generation is showing us the way in resisting cynicism and passivity about this. It is imperative for people of faith to stand up and be counted – as witnesses to the sacredness of the world gifted to us by God, and as advocates in the cause of justice for all whose lives and livelihood will be most damaged by severe and unpredictable changes in climate.”

How do people in a community of faith, trying to follow a way of justice and peace, respond more urgently, creatively and radically to what we're doing to the planet we share… and those we share it with ? How do we rebel against a mass extinction?

Each week someone will dig into a different idea or theme: from non violent direct action to dealing with hopelessness or grief: from the use and abuse of holy writ to the hidden voices of climate justice in history, alternative icons like hildegard of bingen or dorothy stang; from asking how and what we eat to how we travel or where we get our energy…

We’ll ask how we can transform our shared life as a community, including reducing the carbon footprint of our great big Victorian building, and a group of creatives are at work on a new altar cloth, a tree of life to which everyone can add a leaf.

Find each talk on our Talks Page here.

Photovoltaic blessings on your lives in this no ordinary time.

An Arbor Blessing for Sissy

Every year on the anniversary of the death of her husband Bill, Sissy used to make a gift to Sam – and later to Jean – to plant some bulbs in the church garden. The beauty of the gardens over time was sponsored by Sissy without anyone knowing. On Sunday June 16th, some of Sissy’s children and grandchildren, joined us to bless an arbor in the garden in her memory. Here’s the blessing we shared.

May this be an arbor of shade and shelter

As Sissy’s presence through the years

Helped make this place a shelter of community

As we pass by and walk through,

May we notice the quiet life of plants, the silent grass

The earth that we come from, that holds us up,

Just as we come from each other and also hold each other up


As the life in this garden harnesses the great sun

To make real the unlikely dream of life

May we photosynthesize the light in the face of stranger and friend

Generating faith, hope and love to sustain each daily journey


And may Sissy always be a sign to us,

… like Jean and Norman, like Sam and Julia,

like those in decades past and decades to come,

who tend this hidden plot of planet

… a sign like all who nurture the hidden seeds of life

in flower pots and on window sills,  front and back gardens,

A sign of the life of this good earth

Which keeps us alive and longs for our friendship and care.


Easter at St Luke's

Easter is one of the Church’s great festivals and Holy Week a special way to enter it.  Join us at St Luke’s.

Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, before the tide turned, leading to his crucifixion five days later. On 14 April, in keeping with tradition, we’ll start our service at 10:45am in the garden, before processing into the church carrying woven crosses.

Maundy Thursday, marks the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his friends and we also share a meal together, along with a short service and reflection. (8pm, Thursday 18 April)

Our Good Friday meditation at 12 noon on 19 April takes the form of a contemplative service, where we move around the church through  a series of ‘stations’ created by members of the church. The theme of these installations this year is 'Hope Carriers’ - who are the people and what are the places holding hope in our world today?  

On Saturday 20 April at 11.15pm we gather for the dramatic  Vigil of Fire - a midnight mass of darkness, fire and light in which we meditate on the dark hours after Christ’s death, followed by his rising.

On Easter Sunday, 21 April, we’re back in the church at 11am to celebrate resurrection morning. 

Whether you’re a regular at St Luke’s, an occasional visitor or have never joined us before, you’re very welcome at any of our Easter events. 

Why I Am A Christian… and How

What draws us to faith… and why do we stick with it?

Is it because we’ve always done it or does the explanation change as we change?

Is it about logic or community? Ideas or relationships?

The season of Lent is a good time to ask questions of ourselves - and how we are living the days we are given. On Sundays at St Luke’s we will be hosting  a series of special guests who will join us for our 11am service and each will address the same subject 'Why I Am A Christian… and How’

We’ve invited people to explore what attracts them to faith and why they stick with it… as well as the habits they’ve found which help them to develop their spirituality as the years pass.

Contributors include the author Chine McDonald from Christian Aid (March 10th), Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons and to the Queen (March 17th), Rev Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Picadilly,  (March 24th) Padraig O’Tuama, poet and leader of Corrymeela, Ireland’s oldest peace and reconciliation organisation (March 31st)  and Rev Pete Broadbent, Bishop of Willesden and acting Bishop of Stepney (April 7th).

why am I a Christian.jpg

Christmas at St Luke's 🎄

Whether you’re a regular at St Luke’s, an occasional visitor, or you’ve never joined us before, you’ll find a warm welcome at all our services over the festive period. Season’s greetings to everyone in the parish of St Luke’s, West Holloway, and beyond.

Nativity Play Service 
16th December, 11am

Candlelit Carol Service 
Followed by refreshments and mulled wine 
23rd December, 6.30pm

Midnight Mass 
With prayers for absent friends 
24th December, 11.30pm

Christmas Day Family Service 
25th December, 10.30am