The day St Luke’s went worldwide

by Dave on February 21, 2015

If you didn’t make it to last week’s crack-of-dawn service, which was broadcast around the world on Radio 4’s Sunday Worship programme – or you’d like to listen back to see how we sounded – you can hear it on BBC iPlayer until 15 March.

Our vicar Dave Tomlinson was given the theme of ‘Fifty Shades of Love’, and rose to the challenge with an inspiring sermon on God as the source of every kind of love, including romantic. Rhian Roberts led the service warmly and expertly, with contributions from St Luke’s regulars for readings and prayers. Our music director Justin Butcher and the wonderful St Luke’s choir did us proud, as always. Thanks also to guest organist Michael Haslam, for his excellent contribution.

If you’d like to hear the service – broadcast live to two million listeners around the globe – you can listen in here:

(Thanks to Stefano Cagnoni for the photograph)

St Luke’s live on Radio 4 this Sunday!

by Dave on February 10, 2015


Few people are fortunate enough to have a church like St Luke’s. This Sunday, 15 February, we have the chance to share a little bit of St Luke’s with the rest of the world, when our morning service will be broadcast to two million listeners, live on Radio 4’s Sunday Worship programme.

However, to give people around the globe a taste of St Luke’s at its best, we need to get ourselves there earlier than normal. Getting to church for 7.30am may sound like a challenge, but we need a good turnout of people to sing heartily and create a good atmosphere for the service. You’ll be rewarded afterwards with a delicious church breakfast.

‘The congregation are the people who make listeners feel they’re part of a community, through enthusiastic and sensitive singing, clear words and responses to prayers,’ says the show’s producer.

The timetable for the morning is as follows:

7am – Rehearsal for the choir
7.20am – Run-through for everyone involved in the service
7.40am – Congregation seated and ready for a quick rehearsal
8.09am – Silence for red light
8.10am – We’re LIVE on Radio 4!
8.50am – Off air
9am – Coffee and croissants!

There’ll be no Sunday school or kids’ activities during the service, so if you have children, you’ll be responsible for them throughout the broadcast. (There’ll also be a short 11am service, but this isn’t the main service of the morning.)

Sunday Worship is a God-send for many people who can’t get to church due to being sick, disabled or elderly – or non-church goers who are simply curious – and this is a wonderful opportunity to share a little of our wonderful church with them. So please make an effort to be there.

If you’re away, tune into Radio 4 at 8.10am to hear St Luke’s being beamed around the world.

The Grand Scheme is back

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‘Half The Sky’ film and discussion evening, in aid of the Hunger Project

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St Luke’s Nightshelter prepares to open its doors

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Christmas at St Luke’s

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