St Luke's Lent Course

We're hosting five informal evening gatherings on Wednesday in Lent, asking 'Who Is Our Neighbour?' including: Who Is My Neighbour in London ? Who Is My Neighbour In the World? Who Is My Neighbour on My Street?

Each week a different member of our community at St Luke's will lead a short presentation and then we'll share our own experiences.

On our opening night, Wednesday Feb 20th, Kurt Wilson will be asking if the life and organisation of the humble honey bee has lessons for neighbourliness in the communities we share. 'Connection, communication and the spirit of the hive - who is our neighbour.'

We'll meet at 7.45 in the small hall at the side of the church, break for tea and coffee and make time to talk to each other in smaller groups about what's happening in our lives - and how we can support each other.