Faith, hope and charity

charitieslogoscompositeAs a church, St Luke’s supports a number of charities – but individual members also have causes that are close to their hearts, and we like to support their efforts as well. Last week, Rachel Blackamore completed her first half-marathon to raise money for Joshua Orphan Care in Malawi. This charity creates feeding stations and funds education projects in a country devastated by poverty. Rachel has been involved with the charity for several years, has visited Malawi twice and even helped to build a medical clinic there. So far, Rachel’s half-marathon has raised £1,600. If you’d like to boost funds, please visit, and to learn more about the charity, visit Well done, Rachel – we're impressed!

Meanwhile, another St Luker, John Cruse, recently shaved his head to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Those who know his family will understand why this cause is close to John’s heart. So far, John has raised £380. If you’d like to give his fundraising efforts a boost, visit, where you can also see a video of John’s lustrous locks hitting the deck. (We still think you’re still gorgeous, John.)

Finally, it’s not too late to donate to Grace Wroe’s fundraising drive to send former South African street child Thutukani on his way to university and a better life. You can read more about Thutukani’s story at So far, £445 has been raised towards the £500 he needs. Visit to help us hit that target.

Well done to Rachel, John and Grace for their efforts to make the world a better place – we’re proud of you!