Give Aid Direct: a new way to help those in need

GiveAidDirectScreenGrabSmall When you give to charity, do you worry about how much of your money makes its way to the people who really need it? Do you wish you could give directly to individuals affected by poverty or disaster, so they could have more control over their lives and the resources you give?

Amos Doornbos, a member of St Luke's, has been working in international development and humanitarian aid for over a decade. Last September, he co-launched a groundbreaking new organisation called Give Aid Direct. Using mobile technology, it allows donors to send funds directly to an individual or a project (such as a school or local health worker) in some of the world's poorest communities. This gives the recipient more control over how best to spend that money to improve life for their family or community.

“Give Aid Direct enables person-to-person giving, while providing the dignity of choice to people affected by disasters,” explains Amos. “We believe in the capacity of individuals to make the best decisions for themselves and their families when affected by disasters such as drought, flood, food shortages and the cycle of stresses that come with chronic poverty. We also believe in minimum administration costs and maximum impact, with money going directly to those who need it urgently. Our vision is to make this a reality for 40,000 families over the next four years.”

Visit to learn more about this innovative new way of giving, and to view the project and individuals that currently need help.