Open Bethlehem: a big film about a small town

An evening with Tipping Point Film Fundhosted by co-founders Justin Butcher and Deborah Burton

Programme includes the screening of cinema documentary OPEN BETHLEHEM by Leila Sansour and new videos from MAKE APARTHEID HISTORY, the campaign follow up to Bethlehem Unwrapped; the second half of the evening will include short clips from cinema documentary WE ARE MANY by Amir Amirani (‘The most important documentary film of 2015’ - actor Tim Robbins) and readings on the theme of conflict and peace.

Tipping Point Film Fund is the primary activity of Tipping Point North South - a co-operative that supports and initiates creative, campaign-driven projects that advance the global social justice agenda. With its first slate of projects having come to fruition, this fundraising evening offers an opportunity to share recent work as well as forthcoming plans with anyone and everyone interested in work that blends the arts, politics and social justice campaigning.

St Luke's, Friday 4th March, 7pm. Tickets - £10 on the door on night; £8 advance booking Book your tickets here: