Five things you need to know about the Grand Scheme

A special gift day season Grand Scheme is coming, and it needs you to help make it happen. But what is the Grand Scheme? I hear you cry (through the magic of the internet.)

1. It's about having fun. Different people in church organise events and if an event sounds like fun to you, you buy a ticket to go along.

2. It's also about raising money. At the moment, St Luke's is only just managing to pay its bills. During the vacancy, we've seen a drop in giving and in the next few years we need to do some serious (ie, expensive) activity to fix some of our stone work. We can only get stuff done if we raise a bit more money. That's why Grand Scheme events are ticketed; the money goes to keeping the show on the road and prevent stones falling on your head.

3. It's about building community. When people organise events, only the type of event and rough location are promoted, and that means you're more likely to make friends with someone new.

4. It's about trying something new (or doing something fun). In the past, Grand Scheme events have included film nights, guided bird watching, cream tea, fancy dress dinner parties, singalongs, dance could be anything really, so if you have a passion for something then please consider putting on an event, and if you just want to have fun then please buy tickets to other people's events.

5. Did we mention it will be fun?

This year we're running a mini Grand Scheme in the autumn and planning for something bigger in the spring, when our new vicar will be around and presumably looking for fun things to do.

If you want to organise an event, please get in touch with Susie, Sarah or Joy (you can email Sarah) and if you want to use the church space to host your event, please check availability by sending Tina an email.

(Grand Scheme events are not charged a rental fee)