Many hands make light work

Here at St Luke’s, we love to give all our members the opportunity to get involved in the running of the church. In fact, one of the secrets of our success is that so many of us play a role in making the magic of St Luke’s happen – plus it frees up our clergy and staff to concentrate on the bigger picture.

Volunteering is also a brilliant way to get to know people. It’s all too easy to get lost in the crowd in a growing church like St Luke’s, but lending a hand is the quickest way to develop friendships and become part of the community.

Whatever your skill or interest, there’s something at St Luke’s you can get involved in. Below are just some of the options available. Speak to the revelant coordinator (if you don’t know who they are, ask someone to point them out) or contact Pat on and she’ll put you in touch. Most roles only involve an hour or two of your time, every couple of months. Alternatively, if you have an idea for something new, chat to Dave and Pat.

Many rotas will be starting again after the summer holiday. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to have you on board!

*Welcoming: Provide a warm welcome and distribute service sheets. See Mike Dark.

*Coffee rota: Refresh churchgoers after the service. See Nina Barnsley.

*Readings: Deliver Bible excerpts and other readings in services. See Adrian Pearson.

*Prayers: Lead the congregation in praying for ourselves and others. See Denise Ward.

*Sound: Ensure we can all hear what’s going on! See Jif Thompson.

*Sunday school and youth work: Helping our children and young people grow and develop while having fun. See Susie Holland.

*Traidcraft stall: Sell fairly traded goods after the main Sunday service. See Lucy Blair.

*Choir: Make a beautiful noise and lead the congregation in worship. Skilled musicians sometimes needed too. See Justin Butcher.

*Socials and entertainment: Help make our concerts, parties and special events happen. Coordinators vary.

*PCC: Join the committee that helps run the church (annual elections). See Dave Tomlinson.

*Fundraising: Various events throughout the year. Listen out for notices or suggest your own ideas.

*Gardening: Keep our green space looking beautiful. See Jean Willson.

*Nightshelter: Cook, care, entertain or do the laundry (plus more) for our annual winter shelter for homeless people. Coordinators vary.

*Outside the four walls: From community campaigning to delivering collections to the local food bank, singing to dementia patients to promoting a credit union, there are countless ways we make a difference in our community. Listen out for notices.