Easter at St Luke's

Easter is one of the Church’s great festivals and Holy Week a special way to enter it.  Join us at St Luke’s.

Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, before the tide turned, leading to his crucifixion five days later. On 14 April, in keeping with tradition, we’ll start our service at 10:45am in the garden, before processing into the church carrying woven crosses.

Maundy Thursday, marks the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his friends and we also share a meal together, along with a short service and reflection. (8pm, Thursday 18 April)

Our Good Friday meditation at 12 noon on 19 April takes the form of a contemplative service, where we move around the church through  a series of ‘stations’ created by members of the church. The theme of these installations this year is 'Hope Carriers’ - who are the people and what are the places holding hope in our world today?  

On Saturday 20 April at 11.15pm we gather for the dramatic  Vigil of Fire - a midnight mass of darkness, fire and light in which we meditate on the dark hours after Christ’s death, followed by his rising.

On Easter Sunday, 21 April, we’re back in the church at 11am to celebrate resurrection morning. 

Whether you’re a regular at St Luke’s, an occasional visitor or have never joined us before, you’re very welcome at any of our Easter events.