An Arbor Blessing for Sissy

Every year on the anniversary of the death of her husband Bill, Sissy used to make a gift to Sam – and later to Jean – to plant some bulbs in the church garden. The beauty of the gardens over time was sponsored by Sissy without anyone knowing. On Sunday June 16th, some of Sissy’s children and grandchildren, joined us to bless an arbor in the garden in her memory. Here’s the blessing we shared.

May this be an arbor of shade and shelter

As Sissy’s presence through the years

Helped make this place a shelter of community

As we pass by and walk through,

May we notice the quiet life of plants, the silent grass

The earth that we come from, that holds us up,

Just as we come from each other and also hold each other up


As the life in this garden harnesses the great sun

To make real the unlikely dream of life

May we photosynthesize the light in the face of stranger and friend

Generating faith, hope and love to sustain each daily journey


And may Sissy always be a sign to us,

… like Jean and Norman, like Sam and Julia,

like those in decades past and decades to come,

who tend this hidden plot of planet

… a sign like all who nurture the hidden seeds of life

in flower pots and on window sills,  front and back gardens,

A sign of the life of this good earth

Which keeps us alive and longs for our friendship and care.