Photovoltaic Blessings

In the calendar of the church year in June we enter Ordinary Time, which takes us all the way to Advent.

But what’s ordinary about 2019?

In light of the climate crisis we seem to be finally waking up to, we’re reinventing the season as 'No Ordinary Time' and hanging our Sunday mornings at St Luke’s around our fractured friendship with the good earth. The home we share with 7 billion other humanoids, billions of other created beings… and soulful seas, forests, mountains, rivers, fields.

This is how Rowan Williams, former AB Of C put it, “Fewer and fewer people now doubt the urgency of our climate crisis, and a younger generation is showing us the way in resisting cynicism and passivity about this. It is imperative for people of faith to stand up and be counted – as witnesses to the sacredness of the world gifted to us by God, and as advocates in the cause of justice for all whose lives and livelihood will be most damaged by severe and unpredictable changes in climate.”

How do people in a community of faith, trying to follow a way of justice and peace, respond more urgently, creatively and radically to what we're doing to the planet we share… and those we share it with ? How do we rebel against a mass extinction?

Each week someone will dig into a different idea or theme: from non violent direct action to dealing with hopelessness or grief: from the use and abuse of holy writ to the hidden voices of climate justice in history, alternative icons like hildegard of bingen or dorothy stang; from asking how and what we eat to how we travel or where we get our energy…

We’ll ask how we can transform our shared life as a community, including reducing the carbon footprint of our great big Victorian building, and a group of creatives are at work on a new altar cloth, a tree of life to which everyone can add a leaf.

Find each talk on our Talks Page here.

Photovoltaic blessings on your lives in this no ordinary time.